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Root Astrolabe Astrolab,before Galilei ,is a device that astronoms had used and is used to measure location of planets and in a Daily life movements of the sun.… This astrolab design,is a construct with different tree roots . From the circle in the middle,in the context of work ,i used the concept- beauty of imperfection which is subjected in japanese minimalism by a completed or uncompleted circle. This circle shows enlightement and strength of body and mind up to way of drawing circle by drawer. I meant the cyclicality of time with the ourobos symbol ,the salamander chasing its tale called ourobos . This symbol is create and eat itself, freed and fertilise itself , and eternal circle which starts everytime as soon as finish . Each circle is made from different tree root and contain symbols of archaic civilisations’s calender. To Deepen our time perception, i used this trees’s growing in naturre which can be observed in their body’s transversal section. Nezihe Karakaya


Azur Stanza

Name of work: Azur Stanza

Technic: Oil color on Olive tree


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