"Counterpoint"  is a short dance film with subject of sound against sound with tap rhythms.

Watch the timing  battle 


Film is about visual perception. Accomodation is eyes's reflex triad to focus. Pupil's size changes up to light&dark and focus ability. In the film i focus to eyes;query of visual perceptions. I try to get through to script by accomodation subject. From visible earth dreaming to night dreams where we can reach to cosmos. we experience in between various perceptions of eyes.-timeless and limitless.

Film, görünür dünyaya ve rüyalarla ulaşılan evrene, "görme algısı üzerinden ulaşmaya çalışır.
Akomodasyon gözün aynı bir mercekteki gibi odaklanma ve uyum kabiliyetidir. Gözün triadıdır. Gözbebeği ışık şiddetine göre uyumsanır. Görünen dünya rüyaları ve kozmosa açılan gece rüyalarına akomodasyon kavramı üzerinden yaklaşan film, Zamanın sınırları ötesinden bu iki algıyı çeşitleyerek deneyimlemeye dikkat çeker.

Navigation of the Planets

we research our axis! ; for me -as a dancer, we try to discover our borders then try to enlarge it to the endless way. Each dancer is a planet who has axis and try to find their orbits. As formal in video,like ritual-orbit's spiral movements make auras,-as we see the colors. Colors and the contrast of the lights are optical illusions for eyes.
This make eyes move by their changing frequencies, one to another.
And this makes the optical dance !!

dialectic of the forbidden fruit

Dialectic is a logic of delusion for Kant. The conflict between thesis and antithesis is solved by the impossibility of contrary.Painting face white symbolize innocence but also making gestures more clearer with the source of black spaces and like sitting face to face without dialog.